Notice of an Upcoming Thing


I have germs for an idea-broth brewing in the ol’ cauldron. I’ve been writing on it, letting it stew into a remedy. Come next week, I’ll have published the first episode of The Cornucopia: Notes & Errata! It is a podcast in which our host—Yrstrly—takes on the world through an essayistic lens. This being to say, via the mental providence of (simple) notes, a conversation is able to begin. The mundanity of life is so beautiful a window through which to learn and view that it can’t be helped but to unpack the details and details of details of any number of things. In the podcast, we seek to learn and entertain, to experiment with the creative-nonfiction form so as to further its reach and invite lost souls into the hearth of thought. I hope you’ll be joining me along the journey. I know it’s all very vague and broad right now, but, once we get going, there’s no telling where we’ll end up. Thank you.


Billy Kirby