Key for Files Referenced in the AW

General File Key:
(NOTE: The following key refers to a few of the files mentioned in the AW. They are varied and ubiquitous. Some files are less ubiquitous than others, obviously, such as the dreaded V000, but that's all subject to the text.)
J11: Order-Form-Revision
J19: Delayed-Payment-Notice-Form
K7: Ref.-Stats.-of-Fixed-Monthly-Estimated-Income-Notice-Form
B14: Ghost-Form

B14 Files designated those which are not meant to be filled out entirely--for the sake of some interoffice-politics-fraught calculated reason no one even really fully understands anymore; they just exist, is the thing, "B14" being an umbrella-term for any ghost form, which in specificity would be prefaced with the aforementioned File Code, as in (in the case of a Ghost-Form J19, for instance): B14-J19.

BVWX: Budget-Verging-Wonted-Xericness-Form

BVWX Files feature hole-punched reference cards as well as perforated-signature-slips which can be used for other files' folders in order to reference the BVWX said slip designates.

TMP: Taut-Mutative-Precaution-Form

TMPs are also referred to by Computation Experts and Data Filers as "Rusted Nannies." Often these forms are the thickest due to their broad contractual designations.

V000: Delayed-Acct.-Cancellation-Notice-Form

V000s are reserved for black file-sheathes.

K12: Acct.-Complaint-Form

K12s feature red exclamation marks on their sheathes and outer files. They also often feature copied subforms and (1/3) triplicate signages and slips and color-coded smiley-face stickers:
Blue Smiley-Face: Acct. is not in any notable significant distress.
Yellow Smiley-Face: Acct. is in distress, but will probably remain on-board.
Red Smiley-Face: Acct. is in distress and will probably not remain on-board.
Black Smiley-Face: Dead Acct.

C90: Secondary-Stratified-Trusts-Earning-Form

C90s have stapled in them green triplicate signage subforms.

H72: Unclear-Resolution-Investment-Form (for individual accts. only)

etc... There being of course many more file-types, most of which are iterative of these preceding. They range from the wax-sealed A9s (Retained-Investment-Forms) to the eminently shredded F666s. There are some files for which only MGMT knows the function. That is just the way things are.