Billy Kirby doesn't know what to write in these summary-type sections. He regrets to inform the reader of this in such a terse, ill-conceived format. The as-it-were point or w/h/y of this whole site is just to be a kind of blogfolio, catalogue, digital rolodex of instances the dude has tried his hand at writing. It's the sick little thought-bubble pining for attention of some sort while on the other hand wanting to fade invisible. It's stupid, which he acknowledges, but it is what it is. This is not a place of judgement. Billy Kirby reserves the right to be as dogmatic or un- as he'd like, here, for the sake of the space's integrity as it pertains to a medium through which he expresses himself (eh-spress yusself). He's a dude in his twenties with no other real goal aside from obtaining an MFA in creative writing and going on to do the type of work that would substantiate and validate having gotten an MFA. He likes and collects books, movies, and music. He's especially fond of experimental artists in these media, those who push the form's boundaries and introduce new methods of communication. It goes without saying this is where he gets most of his inspiration. Read or don't read. You are your own dude.