This text-compilation informs and actuates the cerebral cage of a lingual solipsist. Billy Kirby is a sophomore English major at Birmingham-Southern College in Bham, AL. He is also a freelance writer specializing in literary fiction and non-. Experimental fiction--because "avant-garde" suddenly sounds so pretentious--is a subgenre Billy considers to warrant a certain degree of artistic liberality: borderlessness, the eruption of rules--of the the concept and premises of the rules themselves--and what have you: something willfully difficult, but not gratuitously. The payoff is something more significant than the purview of a linear narrative. His purpose is to express this ideology textually, that nothing can be truly communicated 100%. This site is essentially a free thinking-space to display my writing, both published and un-, while most of it will also comprise a solid chunk of excerpts from my novel, which has a few titles, the tersest of which is simply Dream Cake, though the excerpts here are from the novel's abstract textual meat, which is known as the Abstract Wall. Feel free to reach out at the following contact sources:


Billy Kirby is an aspiring novelist whose main occupation currently is dealing with a lurid eviction and writing in all the spare time he has. Though he acknowledges his work is not good, he doesn't really think that's the point. A classic postmodernist belief revered wholly to represent the movement is that of nonbinary fallaciousness: there is no good and or bad wholly--no only good or only bad--but a much more abstract collection of ideas based on our understanding of language as a means to communicate what is incommunicable. All that bullshit aside, he's thankful for any criticism and appreciates your support.

"Reality is not always probable, or likely."

-- Jorge Luis Borges